Instagram Gold: Finding Hidden Gems to Repurpose with AI Tools

Over the last few years many social media platforms have come and gone, but Instagram has stayed as one of the most used platforms for both individuals and businesses. Now, with the rise of AI it has become more essential to post frequently on Instagram and better target the niche you aim to reach. Thankfully, there are many products, old and new, that can help you make the most out of Instagram, and quite a few of them are AI tools that help you repurpose content and make your Instagram strategy more efficient. Let’s first take a look at 4 platforms that are the best to find Instagram gold and how to use AI tools that will make you an Instagram-pro.

4 Platforms To Help You Find Instagram Gems

  1. Hootsuite  

Hootsuite has been one of the top social media analytics and scheduling platforms for years. The platform has increased its offerings and there are so many payment options that it is highly used by businesses and individuals alike. One of the key features of Hootsuite though, is its advanced capability to search through Instagram content using hashtags, location, and keywords. Once you identify the content you are looking for, it’s quite easy to use an AI tool to recreate similar content for your niche or simply repurpose the most popular pieces of content. Using ChatGPT you can provide data about the content pieces discovered using this platform and ask it to help you create several similar pieces of content, even down to getting the right captions.

  1. InstaDLL

One tool that can unlock Instagram’s trove of content is InstaDLL. This handy software allows seamless downloading of images, videos, captions, hashtags and more from Instagram profiles. By unleashing InstaDLL on Instagram, users can discover viral gold, trending formats, and inspiring designs that can be repurposed ethically across various platforms. The tool’s automation and AI curation make mining Instagram a breeze for creatives looking to reuse fresh content in innovative ways.

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great platform to find popular content and influencers, but it is widely known as the most useful research tool for marketers and content creators. On BuzzSumo you can easily find the most shared content pieces according to different niches on Instagram, you can search based on topics and keywords and find the content that has performed the best in a certain amount of time. Moreover, BuzzSumo also provides real-time trends analysis, this invaluable resource allows you to find trending content pieces, and with the help of AI you can make this content your own at the perfect time. 

  1. SocialBee

When talking about social media content repurposing, it’s impossible to not think of SocialBee. SocialBee has become a platform that nearly all Instagram influencers use in order to better understand their niche and manage their presence. This content management tool offers content curation alongside scheduling and posting features. On SocialBee, you can categorize your content and through it find content pieces that align with your niche. This platform makes it significantly easier to find inspiration for your next post. Once you understand the content that performs well for your niche, you can simply use an AI tool to find similar content, restructure it, and post it in new creative ways with minimal effort.

Instagram is a social media platform with its own algorithms and success opportunities, and sometimes it can feel disheartening when your content isn’t doing well. But, by using these platforms and AI tools you are sure to find different ways to succeed on the platform and be more effective in posting the content that really works.