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KardiaChain and Google Cloud partner to forge a more secure future of blockchain - Breakthrough

KardiaChain and Google Cloud partner to forge a more secure future of blockchain

Authored by Julian Wieder

Blockchain technology is a key factor in a world where digital innovations are integral to every life, with evident impacts on businesses and how we interact with data. However, security flaws and downtime still feed doubt about the reliability of technology. 

This is more evident in the cryptocurrency world. A startling $3.8 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen in 2022 alone, highlighting the urgent need for improved security protocols within the blockchain industry. 

To solve these problems and close these gaps, Google Cloud, a major global IT player, and KardiaChain, a dynamic blockchain platform, forged a strategic partnership with the aim of creating a more reliable, secure, cost-effective, and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Unveiling a new era

The partnership marked a crucial turning point in the blockchain arena. 

“At KardiaChain, we understand the need for a dependable and secure platform to ensure the trust and confidence of our users,” said KardiaChain co-founder Tri Pham. 

“That’s why we have made considerable investments in our infrastructure, security protocols, and downtime reduction. We’re committed to keeping at the cutting edge of innovation and technology as we grow and expand in order to meet these challenges and offer the best customer experience.”

With over 650,000 users and an average of more than 68,000 transactions per day processed, KardiaChain’s ascent has been meteoric, and for good reason.

With its rapid expansion and the launch of ground-breaking initiatives like Kyokai, a blockchain-based bridging solution, the necessity for a scalable infrastructure capable of handling high traffic and safeguarding user interests became paramount.

Google Cloud: The transformational catalyst

Google Cloud’s infrastructure, which is renowned for its adaptability and ease of setup, perfectly complements KardiaChain’s aim for ecosystem development. 

This strategic partnership unlocked remarkable achievements, including near-100% uptime in a public blockchain environment. This feat was made possible through the utilisation of Google Kubernetes Engine autopilot mode, Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud Armor, which fortify KardiaChain’s defences against security risks like DDoS attacks.

“Our confidence in Google Cloud is such that we are inviting the parties who validate blockchain transactions, as well as its partners, to use the cloud service,” said Huy Nguyen, the co-founder of KardiaChain. 

By entrusting Google Cloud with cluster configuration, nodes, scaling, and security, KardiaChain was able to concentrate on product development and significantly improve the user experience. 

Additionally, Google Cloud’s expertise enabled KardiaChain to harness the power of public data captured in blockchain and related data, a valuable resource for supporting its growth plans. KardiaChain has also been able to cut down monthly expenditure on infrastructure by 27%, thereby freeing up the budget for other projects. 

The partnership is also helping to promote blockchain adoption and digital innovation in Vietnam and Southeast Asia as the blockchain platform is able to onboard customers 15 times faster than before. 

As their partnership unfolds, they serve as a shining example of what can be accomplished when collaboration and innovation meet, ultimately influencing the direction of technology.