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Mantra Introduces MELO31 FAP30 device for Robust Security and Convenience in Authentication - Breakthrough

Mantra Introduces MELO31 FAP30 device for Robust Security and Convenience in Authentication

Fingerprint sensors are the most commonly used biometric devices in a wide range of mainstream personal identification verification (PIV) applications, particularly KYC and security access control. As the demand for faster and more precise fingerprint authentication grows, sensors capable of capturing detailed fingerprint images are required. Here is where FAP30 devices come into the picture; they follow FBI standards, have larger capture areas, and are capable of producing high-resolution images, making them ideal for high throughput and repeatable applications.

The attractive features and usability across various industries have made FAP 30 devices projected to be the leading type of fingerprint scanner device in the global market, with the fastest CAGR of 18.8% between 2020 and 2030. Currently, FAP 10 and FAP 20 devices are most widely used in laptops, mobile phones, ATMs, and industrial equipment, though the expected CAGR falls behind FAP 30 (FAP 10 – 12.5%, FAP 20 – 14%) because they lag in security and convenience aspect comparing to FAP 30. 

-*Market report by “Straits research”

Mantra Softech, a leading biometric manufacturer and solution provider, is reaffirming its presence in the biometric industry with the launch of the MELO31, a new FAP30 device. MELO31 features a larger capture area and an optical sensor that can read wet fingerprints making it a perfect choice for various sectors like law enforcement, citizen authentication, healthcare, and payment. The large capture area of MELO31 can scan even the thickest of fingers and make identification easier for different ethnic groups.

The company is highly optimistic about the launch of the device, as it features to suit perfect for a variety of applications. Its large platen area (20.32mm x 25.40mm), IP65 rating to protect it from dust and splash, liveness detection technology, scratch-free optical sensor, lower false acceptance rate (FAR), and false recognition rate (FRR), and embedded MINEX compliance extractor offer users high precise authentication and long term usability. Sectors like BFSI, telecom, enterprise security, and government agencies can benefit from the new MELO31 device. 

Why FAP 30 devices?

FAP 30 devices are causing a stir in the fingerprint sensor market because they can capture higher-resolution fingerprint images with more capture area while maintaining the lowest possible false acceptance rate (FAR) and false recognition rate (FRR) (FRR). They are FBI-recommended scanners for AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) and come with FBI EBTS PIV-071006 specifications. 

The capture area enhances the precision and comparability of the data by increasing the detail acquired from each fingerprint. Plus, it also enables the device to capture comparatively larger fingerprints. 

About Mantra Softech

Mantra Softech is a global player in original biometric device manufacturing. It provides world-class products and solutions to clients in various sectors at competitive prices. Mantra is also regarded as one of the most dependable biometric equipment manufacturers for India’s Aadhaar program. Mantra’s devices have been widely used by governments, enterprises, banks, telecom service providers, etc., for authentication and identification purposes.